Pure Indica, one of the most constant kind. Best start for anyone who wants to grow his own Indica. Hash like taste, large firm buds, above average yield.
Specifications: ~ Flower: 8 weeks ? Sensi Seed Bank catalog

I’ve grown Hindu Kush 3 times and it’s a beautiful but extremely stinky plant. If the laws were different I’d really like the smell, but the odor of the Kush is difficult to control even with ozone … so much in fact that my paranoia has banished it from my garden. Great yielder … more than average, excellent hash producer. After working on the garden I’d always have to take a shower to get all the resin off my arms from leaning over plants. Hindu Kush cannabis seeds is a great way to earn the nickname ‘skunky’ … Kush smells a whole lot more like a skunk than Skunk#1 (smells sweet to me).

The Hindu-Kush from Sensi averages about 2.5 to 3 oz’s of sticky, sweet, grape smelling bud per plant. It starts flowering the first week of August and is ready by the third week of September here in the Midwest.

Growing marijuana indoors can be the start of a great adventure if you consider strains such as Hindu Kush. The name of this marijuana strain comes from the mountain range between India and Pakistan, but you don’t need an exotic locale to grow marijuana of this type. Like many other marijuana plants, a working knowledge of basic things like the different kinds of marijuana seeds and the types of marijuana cultivation methods – hydroponics or organic cultivation, for example – is essential to grow pot successfully.

Some characteristics of Hindu Kush marijuana

– Popular as indoor marijuana, though it can also be grown outdoors
– Flowering period of this this type of cannabis is from seven to nine weeks
– Like most other Indica weed plants, kush marijuana is short. However, if grown outdoors, it can reach bigger sizes within a shorter period of time.
– A yield of 350-450 can be expected if the Sea of Green marijuana cultivation method is used
– It takes about four to nine months to complete the life cycle of this marijuana plant; the length of time depends on a number of factors, including the growing conditions
– The leaves are wide and dark green while the stems are thick, accommodating dense marijuana bud growth
– THC content of Hindu Kush weed is strong, 15-20%, and provides a “stoned” effect characteristic of Indicas. It induces mental and physical relaxation while simultaneously heightening the senses.
– It has a strong, sweet, yet earthy aroma and smoking weed of this type is similar to smoking hash

Kush seeds are bestsellers for many reasons, and they’re a great way for you to grow your own free weed at home. It doesn’t take too much expertise or specialized equipment to grow a crop of kush plants, as a number of people can show. Many home growers post online grow diaries, so you can learn from their experiences and their mistakes, and also get valuable advice from members of various marijuana forums online; for example, about topics like one person’s experience growing Hindu Kush seeds for the first time. It’s worth mentioning that this guy bought his seeds from AMS – he also shared an interesting experience he had with their service.

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